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GANDHI'S LETTERS TO AMERICANS > Message to Americans Christians on World Peace and Disarmament, September 29, 1931
Message To American Christians On World Peace
And Disarmament, September 29, 1931
My message to American Christians on World Peace and Disarmament is that Peace and Disarmament are not a matter of reciprocity. When real Peace and Disarmament come, they will be initiated by a strong nation like America - irrespective of the consent and cooperation of other nations.
An individual or a nation must have faith in oneself and in the protective power of God to find peace in the midst of strife, and to shed all arms by reason of feeling the loving power of God and His protective shield, and I hold such peace to be impossible so long as strong nations do not consider it to be sinful to exploit weak nations.
[This message was sent to Bishop Frederick B. Fischer, a friend of many years, who had requested a message to American Christians on world peace and disarmament. Please see Section III for letter to Bishop Fisher.]