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My Non-violence

Written by : M. K. Gandhi

Compiled and Edited by : Sailesh Kumar Bandopadhyaya

First Edition : 3,000 copies, November 1960

Total : 6,000 copies

Price : Rs. 70/-

ISBN 81-7229-223-6

Printed and Published by :
Navajivan Mudranalaya, Ahemadabad-380014 India

Navajivan Trust, 196


  Editor's Note

  The Doctrine of the Sword

  'One Step Enough For Me'

  Our Neighbours

  The Frontier Friends


  Why did I assist in the last war?

  My Path

  What of the West?

  To American Friends

  Compulsory Military Training

    From Europe

  War or Peace?

  Has Non-violence limits?

  My Attitude towards War

  Sword v. Spirit

  For conscience' sake

  Our Choice

  Military Programme

  Superstitions die hard

  Theory and practice of Non-violence

  The Greatest Force

  A talk on Non-violence

  A discourse of Non-violence

  Our Failure

  Qualifications of a Peace Brigade

  If I were a Czech

  The Jews

  Some Questions Answered

  Non-violence and World crisis (Pyarelal)

  Is Non-violence ineffective?

  China and Japan (M.D.)

  A word in Agony - I (Pyarelal)

A word in Agony - II (Pyarelal)

  A polish sister's agony


  India's Attitude

  On Trial

  A Poser

  The hour of trial

  My advice to Noakhali Hindus

  When the British withdraw

  Two Questions from America

  Democracy and Non-violence

  How to combat Hitlerism

  Both happy and unhappy

  To every Briton

  Before the Gandhi Seva Sangh (M. D.)


  Khansaheb's Ahimsa

  How to cultivate Ahimsa

  What of the 'Weak Majority'?

  Is Non-violence impossible?

  Moral Support

  What should a Briton do and not do?

  An interesting discourse - I (M.D.)

  An interesting discourse - II (M.D.)

  How to quench it?

  Not Mechanical

  Some criticism answered

  To Adolf Hitler

  A deplorable incident

  Criminal Assaults

  On its trial

  'Scorched Earth'

  Inhuman if true

  Non-violent Resistance

  To Every Japanese

  Fasting in Non-violent action

  The 'Quit India' Resolution - I

  Sabotage and Secrecy

  Non-violence and Molestation of Women

  Non-violent technique and parallel Government

  Africa and India

  White Man's Burden !

  How to canalise hatred

  The message of the I.N.A

  A message for the I. N. A.

  I. N. A. Men's dilemma

  Not Lonely

  Statement on General Avari's Fast

  Fasting in the air

  Press Statement - I & II

  Fruits of violence

  For Shame !

  The Non-violent sanction

  Satyagraha - The art of living and dying

  Is eating fish violence ?

  Religion v. No Religion

  Differences with the Socialists

  Sweeper's Strike

  Peaceful Strikes


  Non-violent Strikes

  Non-violent Volunteer Corps


  Certain Questions

  Atom Bomb and Ahimsa

  A Fair Hit

  Louis Fischer's Interview

  Jews and Palestine

  Criminals and Non-violence


  Nature Cure for Criminals

  Honest Business

  Compensation for murder

  Heal Thyself

  Congress Ministers and Non-violence

  Do not eliminate Truth and Non-violence

  Excessive Praise

  Why Armies?

  Outside His Field

  Women's Ordeal

  A Woman's Dilemma

  The Travail

  The Call

  Bad news from Bihar

  To Bihar

  A challenge to faith

  A venture in faith

  The purpose of the tour

  The Modern Buddha?

  On Trusteeship

  With a Landholder

  Reduction of Landlord's share

  Intellectual and Manual Work

  Some important questions

  Important questions

  Question box

  Military Training


  The aim of life

  The message of Asia

  Advice to Sind Hindus

  How to combat himsa?

  Weapon of the brave

  Non-violence of the brave

  Rights and Duties?

  Who is a Socialist?

  The root cause of partition

  The fundamental difference


  Non-violence and free India

  How to save the Cow?

  Non-violent Labour as magnet

  Press Statement

  The Fast

  Why Fast?

  Curb Anger

  Passive Resistance versus Non-violence

  Working of Ahimsa

  Firm on Non-violence

  Death - Courageous or Cowardly

  No limitations

  My fast as a protest

  The breaking of the fast

  From the last post-prayer speeches

  His last will and testament