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From Mahatma to God
If Gandhi had to pay a price for being just himself, then it certainly was in the form of absurd and sometimes funny situations. One such situation came up when he was staying in a village called Karadi during his satyagraha days.
One morning Gandhi was rudely woken up by sounds of loud musical instruments that were getting louder by the minute. When he peered out of the window he spotted a large procession of villagers with the women walking ahead holding national flags. For a moment he thought that these people were going on satyagraha, but at the next instant when he saw the men carrying flowers, fruits and money in their hands, he changed his mind. Deep in the thought Gandhi emerged out of his hut where he was greeted by loud cheers and the villagers wished him with great reverence. They placed all the flowers, fruits and money at his feet. Thoroughly puzzled by their actions he said, "What brings all of you here and why is the band playing music?"
The leader of the procession stepped forward and explained, "Mahatmaji, there has always been an acute shortage of water in our village, with the wells drying up at the onset of summer. But this time, just the reverse has happened. As soon as you stepped into our village the wells are flowing with water. It is due to this reason that we have come to express our faith and devotion for you."
Gandhi's voice hardened as he said, "Have you people gone mad? What is the connection between the water and my presence? I have no special right over God. Your prayers have as much value as mine do."
When he saw the ashamed look on their faces he said, "If a crow is perched on a tree and by chance the branch breaks, will you say that the crow has broken the tree. The reason why there is water in your wells is probably because of certain disturbances in the earth. We should not make childlike fantasies."