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This Was Bapu

[One Hundred and Fifty Anecdotes relating to Mahatma Gandhi]

Compiled by : R. K. Prabhu

First Edition : July 1954



Printed and Published by :
Navajivan Mudranalaya, Ahemadabad-380014 (INDIA)

© Navajivan Trust, 1954




  A Dream of Death

  The Salt of Life

  A Parting Gift

  The Lion and The Lamb

  His Religion

  When G. B. S. visited Gandhiji

  A Birthday Message

  Drink Evil

  The Birthday Purse

  Secret of Success

  Is the World getting better?

  "What of you?"

  The Black Cat

  Birthday Message to Tagore

  Mahatma and The Capitalist

  "Wild Man of God"

  Good-Bye to Tea!

  In Buckingham Palace

  Life Insurance

  A Cabinman's Ruse

  The Power of the prayer

  "Ask Ba"

  His Sense of Humour

  "The Light of the World"

  Violence preferred to Cowardice

  A laugh at himself

  "Not An F.T.S."

  His daily bill of fare

  "Price of freedom is Death"

  "Bande Mataram"

  Like the True Yogi

  A Retort Courteous

  "Welcome" Or "Unwelcome"?

  Postman before Premier

  A race in paternity

  The secret of his power

  Man and Machine

  A Missionary's Zeal

  Origin of 'Gandhi Cap'

  Mahatmaji tickled to laughter

  Harijan Seva

  The Mahatma and the Mirror

  The Poor Man's Remedy

  Iqbal's Tribute

  Eid Greetings to Quide-I-Azam

  A Tribute to Ba

  Gandhiji's Minus Fours

  Power of Silence

  "Gandhi Cigarettes"

  A Humiliating Spectacle

  A Present from Maulana Mohammed Ali

  Christ Recrucified

  Retort to a Scientist

  His "Womanliness"

  A Certificate from Gokhale

  "Nothing Too Small For Him"

  "Are You A Mahatma?"

  Little Heroines of India

  No Temple For Gandhiji

  Prayers Against Atom Bombs

  "More Beautiful Than All Ornaments"

  Bapu's Humanity

  "They Ought To Execute Him"

  "My Darkest Hour"

  Don'ts for Receptionists

  His Little Friends


  No Use for Looking-Glass

  A Poor Woman's Gift

  In Defence of National Dress

  The Gandhi 'Talisman'

  A Rebuke to Students

  The Adobe of Hapiness

  Kindred Spirits

  'Liars All'

  How to serve your country

  Gandhi and Thoreau

  An Object-lesson in Ahimsa

  An invitation to commit Harakiri

  A Jail Experience

  Ramanama as a Charm

  Who are the 'Unclean'?

  Gandhiji and The Communists

  "Non-violent" Honey

  The Kali Temple

  "World's Most Colossal Experiment"

  Bapu and Ba

  A Message to Maulana Mohammed Ali

  Punishes himself for others' sins

  "Prisoner No. 1739"

  Press Fabrications

  Origin of his Lion Cloth

  "They deserve the crown"

  Duel with a Doctor

  Bapu The Miser

  Gandhiji as Adyar

  The Will and the Deed

  A Namashrudra's Faith

  "The Strange Man from South Africa"

  A Promise Kept

  "With Love" to detectives

  A Pataudi Story

  Silent  Speech to Press

  "A Delicious Lie"

  He wouldn't copy

  The Troublesome Tooth

  The Sola Hat

  A Lesson in Correct Living

  A Rebuke to Banias

  A Newspaper Hoax

  A Promise to his mother

  A British Nurse's Taunt

  "Pray for me"

  Unforgetful Memories

  Bapu Apologizes

  With The Lepers

  In defence of Kasturba

  The fallen sisters

  A Word to Lakshmi

  Bapu's Ahimsa in action

  'The British Bania'

  Origin of name 'Harijan'

  Harijan work for students

  His 'Daughters'

  'Uncle Gandhi'

  Mahatma's death reconciles mother and daughter

  Death of his spiritual son

  "I am still a student"

  A Tragedy

  An interview with Gandhiji

  A sermon on trifles

  Experiments with uncooked food

  Origin of Mass Prayers

  "Have I property"

  Rights and Duties

  Mahatma Gandhi's Courtesy

  A walk with children

  Guru and Chela

  All Life is one

  In the Lion's Den

  God in Action

  "The Prince of Beggars"

  An Early Example of Bapu's Ahimsa

  An Ideal Prisoner

  The "Half-Naked", "Seditious Fakir"

  All over beef tea and salt

  A 'Jivanmukta' in the role of Scavenger

  Gandhi-Romain Rolland Meeting

  Rebuke to a Journalistic 'Son'

  "Stabling Truth"

  Lessons in Journalistic Ethics

  Some Typical Letters of Gandhiji

  Gandhiji's Favourite Hymns